Our Mission :

To Provide goods and services of the highest quality and secure long term fruitful professional relationships with our partners.

Kaanteks is a vertically integrated sourcing organisation with over 20 years of experience, specialising in supplying all aspects of quality jersey knitted products to include underwear, nightwear and socks for the ladies, mens and childrenswear market, as well as a full program of lingerie in stretch and non-stretch wovens. We offer a highly competitive, comprehensive service of pattern cutting, grading and re-styling.

The Kaanteks team is based in Turkey and the UK and all speak fluent English. We specialise in production, development and sourcing out of Turkey and design and trend research in the UK.

Our dedicated team aims to use our accumulated expertise to satisfy every requirement that our customers may have. We are confident that when it comes to sourcing directly out of Turkey no-one knows the market better than us, and we can share that confidence with you.

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