Our main objective is to find the right supplier for each enquiry based on the quality and compliance requirements of each client. Teamwork combined with sharing responsibilities ensures that your request finds the optimal production channel to enable us to deliver the goods to meet your expectations as closely as possible.

What makes the difference:

Long standing partnerships with our customers and suppliers are key to our successful business relationships. We use one- product production sites to ensure that the goods delivered are of the highest quality. Our QCs have a very focused field of expertise and we ask them to specialise in a fairly limited product area to improve their depth of knowledge and insight.

How Kaanteks processes an enquiry:

I) Location: Deciding where to produce

II) Preparing the samples

III) Quotation

IV) Red Seal Approval

V) Start production

VI) QC: Following up the production process with strict QC rules

VII) Test Reports: Actioning necessary tests

VIII) Critical Path: Keeping the customer inspections updated with a clear critical path

IX) Gold Seal Approval

X) Shipping the goods

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