A highly skilled, London based design team consisting of 3 full time designers with areas of expertise covering branding, concept, trend and garment development for all aspects of the market, from top end to the value end of the mainstream market.


Our dedicated teams of bilingual merchandisers are always on hand to provide a quick and high quality service and support all aspects of the critical path from CAD to in-store delivery. Their ability to analyse and manage customer expectations, their patience and understanding of both cultures enables them to give quick and correct feedback and follow up, leading to high level of customer satisfaction.


The QCs provide a relationship between the supplier and the merchandiser. Even though their primary role is quality control, our experienced QC team also looks at all organisational aspects of the production lines and comes up with effective solutions to safe-guard the efficiency of the supply chain whilst maintaining a satisfactory level of quality throughout the production process.

Labour Policies:

I) Our workers are guaranteed a government regulated minimum wage

II) Paid overtime for hours worked in excess of 45hours per week

III) Our factories operate a strictly no child labour policy

IV) We are an equal opportunity employer with no discrimination based on race, colour,religion,sex or national origin

V) Environmental Protection

-We are actively reducing chemical emissions

-We are actively seeking to reduce energy consumption

-Recycling: We use packaging that can be recycled

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